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The retail operation is fraught with risk, which is heightened in seasonal retail peaks.

Do you collect and analyse claims data? Do you see seasonal claims spikes? Could they put your customer experience and brand reputation at risk?

EvoSuite is a full-service software solution that will empower you to reduce risk and shrink insurance claims, so you can focus on maximising your margins.

EvoSuite Is Designed To Help Your Business Thrive

Manage an incident or crisis communications with key personnel, effectively and in real time. Store all relevant incident and claim documentation including in Word, Excel and PDF formats.


Real time insights
Identify the volume, frequency and patterns of risks and incidents across your operation to mitigate and reduce future incidents.


Immediate, digital incident logging
Log all incident and claims, live, in the moment, including photo and video evidence.


Keep everyone in the loop
Distribute key communications such as H&S policies, risk assessments, checklists and eLearning courses.


One source of truth
Access 'live' incident and claims MI data on-demand, any time and on any device.

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Predict And Prevent Insurance Claims

The pandemic created unprecedented challenges for the retail sector. As a result, many are ramping up efforts to increase profits and balance the books. It’s never been more important to minimise insurance pay-outs.

Claim events are rarely a simple twist of fate. They’re the result of a chain of events stemming from incidents such as Health and Safety oversights, under-staffing or inconsistent training – all the more likely when your operations are under peak season pressures.

EvoSuite’s sophisticated claims data analysis will map the hotspots for risk in your retail operations, allowing you to mitigate daunting insurance expenses and manage your total cost of business risk.

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Our claims automation software system can:

  • Automate the processing of claims quickly and effectively
  • Significantly improve speed to settlement
  • Provide non-touch claims automated settlement
  • Provide on-demand, up-to-the-minute claims MI on any device, online or mobile app
  • Identify fraudulent claims
  • Map claims patters and trends to help you mitigate future risks

Looking for more information about how we can support you to reduce the volume and value of insurance claims in your retail operation?


For Retailers In The Pandemic Age, The New Wave Is Insurance Claims.

The hustle and bustle of festive shoppers have now passed for another year. Insurance claims are becoming the new noise and, if they aren’t dealt with seamlessly, you could find that they shout over your recent wins.

As retailers and shoppers adapt to the latest COVID-19 guidelines, insurance claims remain a threat to your operation. EvoSuite identifies, maps and manages your incidents, near misses and claims, so you can ensure excellent handling of each event.

In turn, you’ll minimise risk to your customers and protect your brand reputation - even during the potentially contentious insurance process.

If you’ve experienced a seasonal claims spike, EvoSuite will help you to ensure that it doesn’t undermine your seasonal gains and hard-earned brand reputation, helping the rest of 2022 to run smoothly.

The benefits of using 360

Streamline and Protect

We help protect clients by implementing software to efficiently manage incident notification, safety, insurance and claims. Our solutions are complemented by DWF's legal, risk, claims and regulatory teams. We can integrate our systems to work seamlessly and effectively with your existing processes and software.

Reduce Time & Cost whilst Ensuring Compliance
  • Improve efficiencies to reduce cost and exposure
  • Increase process compliance
  • Support  a mobile/agile work force
  • Improve data security and integrity
  • Identify potential fraud in real-time
Proven, Scaleable and Flexible Software Platform

Configuration not development is the fastest way to ensure a cost-effective delivery and onboarding of your new software. Because our EvoClaim platform is pre-built, your budget can be better spent on the areas that ensure a perfect fit; consultancy, link to your other systems, project management and configuration.

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